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Artive Inc is a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States of America providing a universal and digital archive for works of art and cultural property.

Together with our international network of research experts, we can help you start investigating and conducting more extensive research into the ownership history, title or authenticity of a work of art or cultural property. Sign up for a free client account today to start submitting searches against the Database and registering your claims and interests.  Learn more about Artive.




Due diligence in the art market is a necessary procedure prior to any transaction, loan or acquisition.

We work with law enforcement agencies, private collectors, insurance companies, governments, financial and cultural institutions to source extensive loss records and data.

We use this information to identify any issue, claim or dispute that could impact on the title or value of a work of art, antique or cultural object and provide detailed due diligence reports on any searches submitted. Submit a search today.



Artive registers any uniquely identifiable work of art, collectible or cultural property. We believe that it is important to offer victims of crime the best possible chance of locating and recovering their property. That is why registering your losses with Artive is free.

Our database has also been developed to identify and address current risks in the art market. This means issues such as likely fakes and forgeries or archaeological sites threatened by illegal excavation can be registered as a contingency ahead of their appearance on the market. Start registering today.