Protecting our Cultural Heritage.

A nonprofit for the protection and preservation of the world’s cultural heritage through the use of technology.


Cultural and natural heritage are the legacy from our past. They serve as a reminder of humankind’s many accomplishments. Our heritage is what identifies and inspires us today, and what we hope to give as an inheritance to future generations.

Our mission is to help protect the world’s cultural heritage – looted and illicitly transferred, stolen, missing and otherwise claimed – by recording and indexing data for posterity and preservation through the use of technology.

We believe in the power of community and hope to join forces with cultural institutions, governmental agencies, collectors, dealers and insurers on our way to identify, return, protect and preserve our cultural heritage. Together, we plan to manage the world’s most comprehensive and technologically advanced public databaseJoin our mission now.




We are a non-profit organization headquartered in the United States of America providing a universal and digital archive for works of art and cultural property.

With an important, yet vast amount of institutions and organizations out there collecting and recording information about at-risk, stolen, looted and destroyed works of art and cultural property, Artive set out to combine forces and provide a central database for professionals and the general public to make the wider art market a safer place and preserve our cultural heritage for present and future generations.

This is more than “about us”, this is your story as well and we believe that our cultural heritage can only be saved if we unite our responsibilities and actions, exchange information and raise awareness together.  Learn more about Artive.



Artive manages the world’s most technologically advanced database with integrated image recognition software and over 500 fields of searchable data. Documentation is crucial; with its capability and capacity to record not only images but also all types of other relevant file types, the database is also used as a secure, off-site archive.

We are driven by the collection of data for the good of mankind and believe it should be made available, in a safe capacity, to the general public, professionals and the trade for the protection of looted or illicit objects and the integrity of the international art market.

Help Artive become the central, impartial and digital due diligence tool and platform by registering claimed works of art, collectibles and cultural property and searching Artive’s database prior to any acquisition, sale or transport of an object. Sign up for a free account today.