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Ariane Moser and Frank Morey


In this week’s edition of the ArtTactic Podcast, Ariane Moser, COO of Artive, and Frank Morey, CEO of Virtus Risk Management, joins us to speak about the Art Due Diligence Group (ADDG), a new due diligence service in which they both belong, designed for the art trade.

First, Ariane and Frank explain the purpose of the group and why an art collector would be interested in their services. Then, they identify some of the major challenges that collectors encounter during transactions and how Art Due Diligence can aid in avoiding them. Also, Ariane and Frank predict how the future of the art market will look and specifically the extent of due diligence that will occur surrounding high-value transactions.



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Jason Sousa, CEO of Artive Inc, presents to the Art Law Committee of New York on the subject of Risk Management.


Representing Artive Inc, as a guest of Steven Schindler of Schindler Cohen & Hochman LLP and Chair of the Art Law Committee, Jason Sousa spoke to the committee on the subject of Risk Management and why title checks such as Artive’s search services and research into the ownership history of a work of art or antiquity are so important.

“The art market, in general, is still a widely unregulated market. International conventions and national trade guidelines have set an important signal for ethical and professional ways of conduct when dealing with works of art and antiquities. The lack of enforced international legislations, paired with high-value transactions and the speed and ease with which objects change locations and ownership, call for due diligence as part of every risk management process.”


The Art Law Committee

The Art Law Committee is committed to promoting understanding of and discussion about the legal issues and developments that impact the not-for-profit and commercial art worlds from the perspective of a variety of stakeholders, including artists, art dealers, art experts, galleries, auction houses, museums, and not-for-profits. The Committee follows legal developments related to fine art and antiquities, and builds relationships with leaders in the fine arts community, who regularly meet with Committee members, to understand how the law affects their work. Key legal issues addressed by the Committee include disputes over the authenticity of art, copyright, moral rights, title, business transactions, insurance, and nonprofit law, among many others.

The Committee regularly sponsors art-related speakers and events, many of which are open to the public. The Committee, often through its subcommittees, also investigates and reports on specific issues such as art authenticator protections and resale royalties. Recently, the Committee has drafted and worked to pass New York State legislation protecting art authenticators from frivolous and financially crippling lawsuits.



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A new art advisory group has been formed to help ease the pitfalls of buying and selling art and antiques.

The Art Due Diligence Group (ADDG) comprises a network of legal advisors and firms who have teamed up to provide a range of services from title claim checks, recovery of stolen artworks and provenance research to dispute resolution, insurance and security services.

ADDG is targeting private collectors, dealers, museums and auction houses and said that those seeking help and advice can use “any of the services on an individual basis or subscribe to the ‘full comprehensive service’ to aid with complex transactions.”



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The Art Partners met with Ariane Moser, COO of Artive Inc to discuss the new nonprofit organization and management of the technologically advanced and completely impartial Artive Database.


Can you tell us more about Artive?

Artive is a new non-for-profit organisation headquartered in the United States with a stated mission to protect and preserve the world’s cultural heritage through technology by recording and indexing data and consolidating the vast amount of databases out there. Artive set out to combine forces and provide a central database for professionals and the general public to make the wider art market a safer place and to preserve our cultural heritage.

What will distinguish your database from other platforms?

Artive’s database, developed in 2014, is technologically advanced, with integrated image recognition technology and over 500 fields of searchable data. We have more big technological development plans in the future. Artive will also be working on enabling public access to its records in order to better exchange and distribute data as part of Artive’s advocacy plans.



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ARTIVE, a new not-for-profit organization will today launch globally with a stated mission to protect and preserve the world’s cultural heritage through the use of technology.

Artive will act as an independent advocacy group for the protection of cultural heritage worldwide and will maintain a universal, digital and searchable archive for works of art and cultural property.

Artive is seeking to unify the vast amount of information about at-risk, stolen, looted and destroyed works of art and cultural property held by a diverse and dispersed range of institutions and organizations. By providing a central, not-for-profit data resource, Artive will create a new, secure and permanent platform preserving cultural heritage for present and future generations.

The platform is aimed at cultural heritage professionals, academic bodies, law enforcement bodies, professional service companies and private individuals, and seeks to address and rectify the information gap that exists between independent, disparate and commercial databases.

Artive’s database system and records will also have a pertinent application to due diligence practices in the commercial art market. Artive will be the first not-for-profit, impartial service for identifying claims or taints attached to works of art.

The not-for-profit will be headquartered in the United States but will operate with an international mission. Artive is inviting cultural institutions, law enforcement agencies, intergovernmental bodies, and all holders and custodians of data worldwide to host their records on the new database system, itself the most technologically advanced and agile collection management tool in the world. It also invites organizations and individuals with similar causes to partner with Artive for the protection and preservation of the world’s cultural heritage.

Jason Sousa, CEO of Artive, said:

“This is the most disruptive innovation in the cultural heritage world for 30 years. We believe in the power of community to solve problems by sharing information. Together, we can create and manage the world’s most comprehensive public database to protect and preserve cultural heritage today, tomorrow and for generations to come.”


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For the protection and preservation of the world's cultural heritage through the use of technology.

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